Virtual Miscast Cabaret

1.  In the next week (on or before 4/03) please submit 2-3 ideas for a solo and why you think it would be considered a "miscast" roll for you.  Get creative!  When considering songs, think about gender, age, circumstance, personality, anything!  You can email options to Ms. Nicole at

2.  We will pick from your choices then you will have two weeks to practice the song vocally and submit a video/recording of yourself singing it with your chosen karaoke track by 4/12. From here we will send you any comments/vocal notes to work on.  If you need the song's key modified let Ms. Nicole know ASAP and she will make sure you have it.

3.  Last step is creating a music video at home for your song for the next two weeks.  We encourage everyone to be creative with homemade costumes/props/concepts. Those videos are to be submitted by 4/26.  If any additional changes to the videos need to be made we will let you know once we receive them. From there we will compile all the videos into our virtual cabaret and distribute to everyone!  Once this situation comes to an end and we can all be together again, we will host a voice class party to watch the videos all together.  

Participation is entirely optional as we understand this is a very stressful time.  However, we hope to keep all of our beautiful voices singing even during this hard time for the world.  For more continued singing help, Ms. Nicole and Ms. Meagan are offering FaceTime private lessons for the remainder of the situation.  These lessons will be held over FaceTime or any available video call software in your home, for more information on this you can email Ms. Nicole or text/call her at 631-603-2388.


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