Our dance, acting and voice classes are led by professionally trained instructors who bring their enthusiasm and expertise in the performing arts to our students. Please take your time and browse through the many dance, acting and voice classes we offer.

At East End Studios, we try to enrich our students with memorable experiences you will not find at most studios. Please see the ways we promote the growth of our dance, acting and voice students on our Beyond the Studio page. East End Studios is truly dedicated to supporting our students in many unique ways throughout their performing arts careers.

Intro To Dance ages 3-4-5

Introduction to Dance I:

Ages 3-4-5 Children explore basic ballet steps and pre-jazz and rhythm movement as well as beginner tap steps. Our carefully-planned curriculum is presented in a fun and entertaining way which enhances coordination, musicality and creative ability.

Introduction to Dance II:

Age 5. A continuation of Introduction to Dance I, this class works on all of the same skills but at a more advanced level so students can properly prepare for a traditional ballet, tap or jazz class.

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Female Student: Solid black leotard, pink or white tights, pink ballet shoes and black tap shoes.

Male Student: White T-shirt, black sweat pants or shorts, black ballet shoes or bare feet. No long shirts, No jewelry, No bare legs, Hair is up and off the face.

Ballet/Pointe ages 6+

Ballet class is probably the most important class your child can take and is highly recommended to be the first class of choice. The vocabulary and steps are found in just about every form of dance. This class teaches the basic steps at the barre and center floor. We will also have fun by introducing character dance (the folkloric portion of ballet). Pantomime, French vocabulary and even some imaginative dance will be explored. Ages 6-7 are in a more basic ballet program which touches on the above, but not as in depth as the ballet program for ages 8-10. Teen and adult levels are offered. Pointe class can only be taken upon recommendation of the teacher. There are many important factors which must be considered individually before going on pointe.

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Female Student: Solid black leotard, pink or white tights and pink ballet shoes. Leg warmers and chiffon skirts are allowed. No long shirts, No jewelry, No bare legs, Hair is up and off the face.

Tap ages 3+

This classic dance form dates back to the 1930’s and can be safely learned by even the youngest or oldest dancer. Class will include a warm-up through all the fundamental steps, then will progress to traveling exercises emphasizing rhythm, coordination, speed, style and clarity of sounds.

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Attire: Leotard and tights, black leggings or jazz pants with form-fitted East End Dance Studio T-Shirt (note: Jazz pants cannot cover feet), black jazz shoes and black tap shoes.

Jazz ages 6+

The children’s Jazz division is a separate program from the teen/adult division. A child’s body is still developing, so it is essential and advisable for a child to attend classes such as ballet for a genuine foundation for physical training and dance vocabulary. We teach a pre-jazz program for ages 6-7 which stresses finding center and correct alignment. Many children today refuse ballet for the faster pace of jazz, however it is the instructor’s responsibility to train students in the importance of proper leg and foot positions. Our jazz class offers a very exciting and upbeat warm-up in coordination and isolation movements and combinations. Students will enjoy experiencing the current, funky style of jazz, Broadway jazz and lyrical jazz. We are careful with the selection of movements taught in our jazz classes, making sure they are appropriate for our students’ age levels.

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Attire: Leotard and tights, black leggings or jazz pants with form-fitted East End Dance Studio T-Shirt (note: Jazz pants cannot cover feet), black jazz shoes and black tap shoes.

Hip-Hop ages 6 up

This is a high-spirited class that offers the latest in street-funk and at times, combines jazz technique, to the latest music. The emphasis is on rhythm and isolation movements. Each instructor has their own style and often pop-and-lock techniques are introduced. This program is only for ages 6 and up. We stress traditional technique first to develop skills for a well-rounded dancer.

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Leotard and tights, black leggings or jazz pants with form-fitted East End Dance Studio T-Shirt (note: Jazz pants cannot cover feet), black jazz shoes and black tap shoes.


An extremely expressive form of dance based on a parallel position of the feet and hips with an emphasis on gravity and “down to the floor work.” Students learn the Humphrey-Limon technique of breath and suspension, as well as an introduction to Martha Graham’s contract and release style. The class will be presenting works that range from lyrically romantic to boldly experimental. Be barefoot, be daring!

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Leotard/footless tights or unitard, bare foot.


East End Studios is pleased to offer ballroom dance classes through our partnership with Alfonso Triggiani, an internationally recognized expert in ballroom dancing from Touch Dancing Studios. Alfonso has his own TV show and is a member of the Dance Educators of America. His many fun and energetic classes include: Latin dances such as Cha-Cha, Mambo, and Merengue. Smooth dances, such as Fox Trot, Waltz, American Tango and Disco. If you are interested, please contact us for details. Monday-Friday, 4pm-8pm.

Private and Semi-Private Lessons Anytime. Partners not required.

Group Lessons Registration Required. Call Alfonso to schedule your lesson(s): 631-288-5659

Dance Company Class

Auditions for Jr. and Sr. Dance Company If you want to perform more and take your dancing to a new level, then company class is for you! Pick up our mission statement and requirements to be in company classes at the desk. Jr. Company, ages 8-10; Sr. Company, ages 11+

Contact us to learn more.


September-June Registration-Tuition

September-June To register, a one time $35 registration fee is paid per family. All classes are based on a 32 class seasonal rate from September-June. Register by phone, mail, online or simply stop into the studio! For the September-June season, family discounts and alternative payment programs are available. First payment (for the first and last month) is due at registration. Second payment (for the next four months + costume fee) is due Oct 1. Third payment (for the last four months) is due Feb 1. A monthly payment plan is available for MULTIPLE CLASSES ONLY, due the 1st of every month. If payment is not received by the 10th of the month, a $25 late fee will be applied. Please note: The monthly payment plan option has been set up to make multiple dance classes an affordable option. You must pay the full amount even if you miss classes.

Please note: Make up classes are always available during the Sept-June season.

Registration rules and regulations: Any student who is one month behind in tuition payments may be asked to stop taking classes until tuition is received. Payments are due the 1st of every month and have until the 10th of the month to pay without a late fee. All payments made after the 10th are subject to a $25 late fee. This will be strictly enforced. If tuition is not paid in full before the recital, that student may not perform in the recital. A student is not considered dropped from a class unless written notification is received from a parent or guardian and will be responsible for their tuition payment until such notice is received. All tuition is non-refundable.

Summer Classes & Camps Registration-Tuition

Summer Classes & Camps There are no registration fees for our summer classes and camps, just a $35 deposit to hold your spot. The deposit goes towards tuition. If you register before May 1, you get 10% off your camp price if paid in full! To register, we only need to know which class and/or camp you are taking and the $35 deposit. Refer a friend and get 10% off your camp price!

Summer Class Pricing (6-week program) 1 x per week: $70 2 x per week: $130 3 x per week: $190

Summer Camp Pricing (length of program differs by camp) Dance Camp, ages 3-4: $125 (1-week camp) Dance Camp, ages 4-5: $125 (1-week camp) Dance Camp, ages 6-7: $125 (1-week camp) Dance Camp, ages 8-10: $125 (1-week camp) Jr. Company Summer Musical Theater Camp, ages 8-10: $400 (2-week camp) Sr. Company Summer Musical Theater Camp, ages 11+: $550 (3-week camp) Please note: There are no make up classes available for the summer classes and camp programs.

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Reserve your spot by sending in a $35 deposit via PayPal.

Special Offers

Take advantage of these great offers!

Sept-June Special Offer Receive 10% off tuition PLUS the $35 registration fee waived when class is paid in full.

Sept-June Special Offer Receive 10% off tuition if you bring a friend and they sign up.

Summer Camp Special Offer Register and pay in full before May 1 and get 10% off your camp price.

Summer Camp Special Offer Refer a friend and get 10% off your camp price!

Summer Ballroom Special Offer Adult Ballroom with Alfonso can be taken for $20 per class. If you sign up for the entire 6 weeks, pay only $60!

Summer Ballroom Extra Bonus $10 OFF the Hip-Hop ages 6-8 class if you take the Adult Ballroom class offered at the same time!

The acting program at East End Studios is a community-oriented theatrical/film workshop that offers a variety of educational programs. We produce our own performances to showcase the individual talents of its students. The focus of this program is to provide a place in which anyone can perform—no matter the level of talent.

If you’ve got a talent, this is the place to nurture it to its potential.
—Jim Vignato, Director

Professional actors are distinguished by a capacity for creativity and technical aptitude, while it seems virtually anybody today can be catapulted into Film, TV and of course, “YOU TUBE.” Our acting program is for enthusiasts and actors who would like to get familiar with and prepare for the creative and functional demands expected and used in this industry.

Since East End Studios is a dance studio as well as an acting studio, our acting students benefit from the many different dimensions of the entertainment universe, from the world of dance to TV, radio and theater productions. Be sure to visit our Beyond The Studio page often to see the latest performance opportunities available to our students.

Acting Workshops

“Improv,” short for “improvisation,” is a form of theater that does not use a script or pre-determined ideas for dialogue direction or movement. Ideas are given and the player spontaneously creates an entertaining scene. This is the most rewarding exercise in theater, and the most FUN. Improv will be a valuable part of this workshop. These classes usually fill up quickly.

Our acting program consists of:

  • Scene study
  • Acting techniques for the beginner
  • Improv exercises
  • Movement
  • Blocking
  • Memorization
  • Script analysis
  • Acting for film

The disciplines are worked together in a way to help our student grow as an actor.

Trust, respect and sharing are the foundation of our acting program. Students are encouraged to stretch themselves and take risks within a supportive group. This approach builds individual self-confidence, while it also builds collaboration and teamwork skills. Students learn to trust and support each other, experimenting with acting, singing, movement and musical techniques. Combining their various experiences and abilities with newly learned skills, they learn to create specific original acting and performance choices. We have found that this approach results in not only increased skills in theater arts, but also personal growth, close friendships, and wonderfully creative high-caliber performances.

Register by phone, mail, online or simply stop into the studio!

Voice Class

At East End Studios, our voice students study pitch, breath, projection and harmony while learning how to connect to their songs to enhance their performance skill. CD recordings can be made for these classes.

Voice class is scheduled by audition only. Please inquire with Shelley Herbert by phone, mail, online or simply stop into the studio!

Shelley Herbert and Jim Vignato of East End Studios in speonk are now enter their 16th year delivering high caliber youth summer camp “musical theater” productions for Eastern Long Island. 




East End Dance Studio Summer Schedule


Work with a Director, Choreographer and Voice coach to put on a complete musical.  Sign up at the desk or call if you are interested.  Play TBA.

JULY                   24, 25, 26, 27, 28   9:30-2:30pm camp held at East End Studio

JULY/AUGUST   31, 1, 2, 3, 4           9:30-2:30pm camp held at East End Studio

AUGUST              7, 8, 9, 10,             9:30-2:30pm camp held at East End Studio

AUGUST 11 Camp held at the Vail Leavitt Music Hall in Riverhead 9:30-2:30


Cost $620 payment options: 

First option:  pay in Full before July 10th in cash or check and take 10% off entire tuition 

Second option: split your payment  $310 due on or before June 10th then $310 due on or before  July 10th.  Third option: three payments of $220 due by June 10, $200 due by July 10th, $200 due on camp start date July 24th. 

                                              Summer Dance begins July 10th.

Great way to introduce the little ones to dance!

Morning age 2,3 and age 4,5 classes meet 2x per week for three weeks from July 10-July 27 cost $100

Evening classes that meet 2x per week for four weeks July 10-August 3rd cost $130

Ballet/Tap/Creative Movement ages 2,3

Ballet/Tap/Jazz combo ages 4,5

Ballet/Tap age 6,7,8, 

 Lyrical ages 9,10,11, 

Acro/Dance ages 9-up


All other Evening classes that meet 1x per week for five weeks from July 10-August 10 cost $75 

Jr.@ Sr. Company are required to take class 2x per week for five weeks from July 10-August 10 cost $350



If you want to go into an advanced class, be featured in a solo dance in the Fall, join our Jr. or Sr. Company, or learn something completely new…


All classes meet 2x per week for 6 weeks starting July 10th.

And we are f-l-e-x-i-b-l-e! You may come 1x per week for 4 weeks, or come 2x per week for 2 weeks. Come to the same class 2x per week for maximum growth!

If you don’t see a class you want, please let us know. With only 3 students we can start one!

All classes are subject to change based upon enrollment.